Writing for Yourself

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Ok, I know, the props I’ve put up are a little over the top, but you have to admit, some of them speak the truth. Being a writer, anywhere you go, and anyone you’re around, at any moment can become inspiration for your writing. You just can’t make that crap up. Real life makes for the best writing and the best writing prompts. When you’re stuck on something to put down on the page, all you really have to do is take a walk around your neighborhood and see what  pops up. Or go visit your best friend  and see what comes of it. You don’t have to hit your head against a wall and shout “$%%%$#%” when your thoughts freeze up and nothing will come to you.

Don’t ever think you have to limit what you write. Write without fear of reprisal and without limits. After the writing is done, when all of your thoughts have been put on the paper, that’s when you can edit the piece, polish it to perfection. Editing is your friend when you do it right. Knowing what you can do and what you can’t, then you can break the rules to suit what you write, because the first draft is usually the ‘dirty draft’. That is, the one in which your thoughts may not flow as well as you’d like them to, or your fingers can’t catch up to your thoughts when you type. But don’t worry so much about it. Just get it down, later, after your thoughts have been put down, you can go over it (usually more than once) and polish it to perfection. Or as near as you can get it.

And if you haven’t noticed yet, most writers are very strange. They’re the only people I know who think staying up until all hours of the night is a good thing. Sleep is for when you die, their is just too many things to write about, and not enough time in your life to get them all down. And caffeine is a writers best friend, trust me, be it coffee, Mt. Dew, Dr. Pepper, or tea (which I can’t stand, by the way) can keep the brains cogs flowing into all hours of the night, and the juices pouring onto the page.

But, without all the fanfare and the hype, what every writer needs to do is WRITE. It doesn’t necessarily matter what’s put on the page, its the writing itself that matters. So, If I’ve taught anyone anything at all – which I hope I have – just write. Just put it on paper and see what comes of the experience. you never know, the next best seller could be in you. Or me. Or anyone. JUST WRITE!


Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids | Scholastic.com

Story Starters: Creative Writing Prompts for Kids | Scholastic.com